Monday, June 29, 2015

France: Chapter 6

So I got moved into my new apartment/house this morning. It is right next to the campus where I am doing research so the location is five-star. It has really good wifi; my room is a nice size; the living area is very comfortable; and the kitchen isn't too bad (it is kind of set up weird). But, there is no air conditioning. Which is fine because I am used to it, but it is supposed to be in the high 90s this week! A few others who are at their internships had temperatures at 109 degrees at their locations! Just hoping it will not stay past this week. So the day of research went pretty well I would say. The sad news for the people reading this is that I cannot tell what research I am actually doing because I signed a classified contract this morning saying that I will not speak about what I see or what I do pertaining to the research. Sorry! I can say that my tutor speaks English pretty well. But they speaks French to me until I get lost. Which, surprisingly, didn't happen as often as I thought it would. I can also say that I may have a lot of late nights doing work for this internship on my own time. I don't have a problem with that at all, either; I am ready for the academia again. They informed me today that I will have. a four day weekend my third weekend into the internship because the Tuesday is a national holiday and no one will be there Monday. Needless to say. I did not complain. Exhaustion has been kind of setting I guess in all aspects because I was very fatigued today. Yesterday evening I had a Charlie horse for five minutes in my left hamstring and I was definitely feeling it this morning. I made sure to go and buy some bananas at the store today and drink a lot of water. Now, all I need is sleep. So I am going to cut the post of here and get ready for tomorrow. Bonne soirée (Bonne journe depending on the time zone)!

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