Friday, June 5, 2015

France: Chapter 1

I have been quite busy lately so I have not had time to sit down and make another entry until now.

Toulouse, France is absolutely breathtaking. Its architecture, people, language, food, wine, and pretty much everything else is perfect. Le Capitol in downtown Toulouse is the place to be for anyone at any age. Its winding streets that vein out from Le Capitol Square are lined with shops and restaurants that ensure an experience like no other. The temperature here in Toulouse has been very warm and people, including me, often find themselves heading to one of Toulouse's many ice cream (la glace), sorbet, or gelato shops in town. American ice cream can't compare to la glace here in Toulouse. One of the shops that is right in Le Capitol Square transforms the ice cream flavors of your choice into a beautiful petaled rose on top of the ice cream cone. American ice cream will never be as enjoyable as it used to be now that I have had a taste of heaven.

Flowing along the outside of downtown Toulouse is France's Garrone River. A spot where people can get a glass of wine (or a bottle depending on personal preference) and enjoy the picturesque views. On either side of the river there are grassy areas for people to sit and relax with family or friends. It is very serene and one could spend hours there without a care in the world. One can also find local artists selling their masterpieces by the river. All in all, an evening spent next to the Garrone is a must for anyone visiting Toulouse.

Wednesday we were given a tour of downtown. Altough I had already been downtown many times before, the guide showed some hidden wonders of Toulouse along with the Basilica and a cathedral, I found out that there is La Cinematheque de Toulouse. They show older films (white and black and cult classics) for only a few euro. A Clockwork Orange is currently being shown and I may make my way over and see it. 

We visited Carcassonne today which is home to one of the most beautiful castles in France. The castle is built as a fortress and it was very apparent by the layers of walls and archery post all around the perimeter. Only an hour or so away from Toulosue, it was a sight to see for sure.

Tomorrow, we start our weekend journey in the Pyrenees Mountains while we hike and visit one of France's oldest towns in Gavarnie. We willl get a good view of the history of France as well as a good view of the countryside. I am looking forward to it.    

I will try and post pictures at a later time to show just how beautiful this place is. But for now, bonne soiree! 

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